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Executive Order (pdf)
Partnership for Children in Nature

7.22.11 Earth Techling Green-Education Bill Introduced In Congress

7.20.11 Mother Nature Network Md. leads the way with new environmental literacy standard

7.20.11 Mainline News At long last! No Child Left Inside bill introduced in Congress

7.18.11 US News & World Report Maryland to Require Environmental Literacy for Graduation

7.17.11 Washington Post MD teachers gear up for new environmental literacy standard

7.13.11 Independent editorial (Charles County) Teaching about the environment is easy goal

7.13.11 Huffington Post When Did 'Environmental Education' Become a Dirty Word?

7.05.11 Audubon Magazine Schools Teach Kids About the Environment

7.04.11 CBT blog Maryland Schools Get Greener: The Facts

6.27.11 NBC Washington.Com It Ain't Easy Being Green, But It's Mandatory

6.27.11 WAMU New requirement alters the nature of environmental education in Maryland

6.21.11 Education Week: A National First: Maryland Students Must Be 'Green' to Graduate

6.21.11 B'More Green Green literacy new graduation requirement in MD

6.21.11 - It's official: Maryland Becomes First State to Require Environmental Literacy

3.25.11 - "Creativity Crisis", great example of why NCLI is important

3.01.11 - "States Pushing Green Education in the Classroom" article in Governing

2.23.11 - Md. Board Of Ed Removes Environmental Ed Loophole

2.12.11 - Op Ed Baltimore Sun: The overlooked side of environmental education: health

2.11.11 - Op Ed Baltimore Sun: Maryland, don't backpedal on environmental education

2.03.11 - Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick

1.24.11 - Commercial Appeal: No Child Left Inside Act Promise Greener Future

1.13.11 - Advocates Decry Md. Environmental Ed Loophole (CBS Baltimore)

1.11.11 - "The Greening of Environmental Ed" from the Harvard Education Letter

1.11.11 - Obama Aims to Revise No Child Left Behind

11.04.10 - Divided Congress May be Fertile Ground for No Child Reform

10.26.10 - Teaching Environmental Literacy in Schools

10.12.10 - Playing Outdoors Can Supply a World of Benefits

10.06.10 - The Science (and Policy) of Getting Kids Outdoors

09.28.10 - NWF's "Back to School: Back Outside!" Report

09.24.10 - MSDE Education Bulletin

09.24.10 - Environmental ed

09.21.10 - Maryland schools must offer environmental education

09.22.10 - Maryland sets requirements for comprehensive environmental education

09.22.10 - State Mandates High School Environmental Education

09.22.10 - Greening the curriculum

09.22.10 - Md. Stops Short of Making Environmental Ed. a Graduation Requirement

04.06.09 - April EE Month in Maryland

03.30.09 - Washington Post Article on NCLI

06.26.08 - US Bill Proposes Funding for Outdoor Education

06.04.08 - No Child Left Inside Wants Appreciation For Outdoors To Be Second Nature

04.22.08 - Governor O'Malley Celebrates Earth Day with Students from Across Maryland; Testifies in Support of Federal No Child Left Inside Act; Signs Executive Order Establishing Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature

04.20.08 -All You Have to Do Is Act Naturally